Trump Unveils Plans by Nelson LewisIn a speech he plans on delivering tonight in Ohio, Donald Trump will focus on what he calls “foreign policy realism”, arguing that the country needs to destroy extremist groups such as Daesh and work with anybody who shares that mission, regardless of their ideological and strategic differences.  While you can’t choose your friends, Trump insists that you need to recognize your enemies.  This comes after Clinton’s campaign slammed Trump’s campaign manager for ties to Russia, alleging that he received $12.7 million from Ukraine’s former pro-Russian president.  

Trump will also be expected to outline a new immigration policy proposal, under which the US wouldn’t issue visas whenever they couldn’t perform adequate screenings.  This will be the latest version of a policy that started with Trump calling to ban Muslims from entering the US late last year.  In the aftermath of what happened in Orlando earlier in the year, Trump introduced a new standard, temporarily suspending visas to regions with a history of exporting terrorism.  He’s proposed a new “ideological test” for admission into the country, which would use questionnaires, social media and interview friends and family members of candidates to see where their political views lie.  The candidates, he insisted, would be vetted to see whether or not they support values such as tolerance and pluralism.  

In the speech, Trump is also expected to call for a declaration that the United States is at war with radical Islam.  This goes against what Clinton and top US officials have advised, saying that such language plays into the hands of political militants.  While Trump has gone under fire for not giving a straight answer about his political views, this speech is expected to remedy that, especially as Trump has faced criticism for some more controversial remarks.  Trump has blamed the media for much of this criticism, saying that they chose to focus on his smaller statements as opposed to his ideas on policy.  

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