I recently came across an article with some really amazing facts about time perception.  There were 14 different examples, but I thought I’d talk about a couple of them that really stuck with me.

Woolly Mammoth

Woolly mammoths, who survived long after the building of the Pyramids

The one fact that really blew my mind was that when the Egyptians first built the Great Pyramids, woolly mammoths were still around.  It’s true that the majority of woolly mammoths went extinct around 10,000 years ago, due to a combination of climate change and overhunting by humans.  However, isolated populations of the prehistoric beasts still lived on Wrangel Island, a small island in the Arctic Ocean, until about 1650 BC.  By then, the pyramids were already about 900 years old!

Lyon G Tyler Jr

Lyon Gardiner Tyler Jr., one of John Tyler’s still-living grandchildren.

Another amazing fact mentioned in the article is that John Tyler, who served as President during the early 1840s, still has two living grandchildren.  Tyler had a total of 15 children with two different women, more than any other US President in history.  He was having children as late as 1860, by which time he was 70 years old.  One of his children, Lyon, was born in 1853.  Lyon had two sons in the 1920s, by which time he was in his 70s.  Both of these sons are now in their 80s, and still alive today.  This would make John Tyler the oldest former President of the United States with living grandchildren.  However, in spite of their grandfather’s advanced age (he was born nearly 224 years ago) the Tyler boys aren’t the oldest living presidential grandchildren; Jane Garfield, the granddaughter of former President James Garfield, is still alive at the ripe old age of 99!

If you would like to see the article, you can take a look here.  It’s definitely worth a look!